Sustain the Spark

Soaring, Sharing
– step by step –
with Kundalini yoga & meditation,
Sat Nam Rasayan healing,
caring for the planet and all that lives.

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Teacher Training Kundalini Yoga & Meditation 2023/2024

Level 1 and Level 2

New Sat Nam Rasayan training 2022/23/2024:
Level 1 and Level 2


Living the inner spark

Producing and comsuming with love and respect for nature and humanity. Facing our demons and taking responsibility for our life. Living together in an equilibrium of mutual care and independence.

Our Mission

To expand consciousness on many levels, individually and as a group, to heal, serve and elevate humanity so this planet and all life may blossom.


In the wild mountains ‘Les Cévennes’ in the south of France, 70 km north of Montpellier, in a traditional farm house the School of Life Gur Prasaad is coming to life.

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We get up early in the morning and do sadhana together, our daily practice of yoga, meditation and Naad yoga, recitation and chants of mantra’s, to cleanse our body and mind so our soul may shine all day long.

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Honor and love life as it is. Make healthy and sustainable choices for yourself, in your relationships with others and with the earth. See the possibilities and act upon them. Embrace being alive.

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Ready to be yourself?