Sat Atma Kaur

Founder of the School of Life

ੴ Sat Atma Kaur

Sat Atma is the founder of the School of Life GUR PRASAAD.

La voici: Here she comes: I have practiced Kundalini yoga since 1979, when I met Yogi Bhajan for the first time. This opened a new world for me. A year later during the Yoga Festival in France I fell for the yoga and the yoga lifestyle big time. I moved into an ashram and ended up living in 2 different ashrams for 16 years.

I learned a lot, worked a lot, expanded a lot. I became a Kundalini yoga teacher, worked in Golden Temple restaurants in Copenhagen and in Amsterdam, studied to be a physiotherapist, and became a Kundalini yoga teacher trainer.

I embraced the lifestyle of Sikh Dharma, a spiritual lifestyle that focuses on individual well being through connecting with the Divine within and without, community building and service. There is a lot of singing there too.

In 1990 I started learning and practicing Sat Nam Rasayan, the art of healing through the meditative projective consciousness. This is a big love in my life; it brought me a deeper experience of my meditative being, which I still persue day by day in my early morning meditation and also all over the planet learning from Guru Dev Singh, the present Master of Sat Nam Rasayan.

36 years after starting Kundalini yoga I moved to France. I had already been looking for a house and land where I could open a centre and a little community for Kundalini yoga and it’s life style, Sat Nam Rasayan and an ecological way of life. I saw Camporiol for the first time in December 2016 and all I could say was ‘Waaah!’

I was ready to settle down and signed the final papers for it in August 2017. Then I moved in, straight away.

My idea is to create a place where everyone is welcome to live a life of light, to digest our darkness and the darkness of others and to share the best we have. All under the guidance of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

There is nothing outside of us.
It’s all in us.
Il n’y a rien à l’extérieur de nous.
Tout est en nous.