LIFE and it’s beauty  

Honor and love life as it is. Make healthy and sustainable choices for yourself, in your relationships with others and with the earth. See the possibilities and act upon them. Where you bow, you will be blessed.


Be aware of yourself, the other, the environment and the call of your soul. Be aware that you always have the choice where you focus and what you give priority: the vicious circle of thoughts or the experience of the here and now. Take responsibility for your choices.



Be clear on why you are here. Always communicate to elevate and for a better tomorrow. Express yourself with grace.Co-create your life and our common experience consciously.

Chant the Name and praise the Lord!


Do stuff as you are called to for the greater good of all. Create structures that generate flow and support growth and comfort. Enjoy your toil and leave the place a little more shiny then when you came.

Make money as needed.


Chose to be kind when you can and when you cannot because you are part of humankind. Take responsibility to digest your own anger, pain and fear. Share and receive from the heart and from the connection with the infinite. Forgive!


The courage to do what you must do and do it well. The courage to love and be loved, the courage to be creative and meet the other one halfway. The courage to be who you are.