Sat Nam, here I am writing my first blog. I have been thinking about this for a long time, I have thought that it was going to be a natural happening and I have also thought that it was not going to happen at all.

But finally now I am feeling that I have to do it, that this is the time to share my experiences and thoughts with you. And I need to push myself to do it.

Many years ago Guru Dev Singh, my healing trainer, asked me something like: ‘Why does nobody do something? Why does everybody just go on like nothing is happening?’

I said somehting like: ‘Everybody is too busy with daily life to think about what is happening. Everybody is busy assuring their short time security’.

And then me too, I went on taking care of business as usual.

Since I have moved to France to open a centre for Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and for a environmental friendly way of life. Is that doing something?

I thought that it was and it could be. But it could also be ‘Business as usual.’ It could be just a move to keep myself busy, to do the next step in life without confronting the deepest questions.

Actually there are many deep and great questions that I have confronted in this project mainly about who I am, what I want to do and how I relate to other people. It has been a very strong experience to live these questions and come to answer them. I know that there will be a lot more questions and I am happy about it. Living these questions and answering them makes my life juicy, makes me feel alive and gives my life an added layer of consciousness and presence.

Right now a big question is ‘What am I doing about climate change, a huge threat to the earth NOW?’

Not long ago I saw the movie Cowspiracy. It really touched me. It is a project of a young guy that was inspired by All Gore’s movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. You probably know about it, have you seen it? It shows that climate change is man made and that it is happening already. So the guy started to shower with less water, turn off the light when he was not in the room, recycle and compost his garbage, ride the bike instead of the car etc.

And then, as things seemed to get worse instead of better, he wondered if there was more to climate change then what he was doing already. He found out that animal husbandry was the biggest cause of green house gas emissions. Transport, cars, trucks and planes plus busses and trains, creates 13% of green house gasses but animal raising for food production (meat and dairy products) creates 51% of green house gasses world wide. IF everybody would stop eating meat, cheese, milk and yoghurt, climate change would disappear. IF we all would stop burning fossil fuels, we would still need decades to stop climate change.

THIS IS AMAZING! The fastest way to stop climate change is to stop eating meat and dairy. When everybody becomes a vegan, we can stop climate change. But not only do we not stop eating meat, we do NOT KNOW that stopping to eat meat could save us from climate change.

Environmental organisations like Green Peace, All Gore’s Climate Reality Project and Friends of the Earth do not talk about teating meat and dairy as a problem related to climate change. They don’t want to rock the boat with their supporters, they are scared that people will not want to give them money once they propose to eat less or no meat. (All though in Europe this is less extreme then in the US. In France Green Peace does have leaflets with vegan recipes etc.)

So everything is about money, we need to continue to make money and we must not rock the boat. We will be busy making money and meanwhile the earth will collapse beneath us!

It is like the people that were living in the Easter Islands, they were so busy making those big statues that they did not notice that they cut the last tree!! After that they did not live long, their whole society collapsed.

So what am I going to do about this? I am already supporting a vegan lifestyle. Here at the School of Life Gur Prasaad we eat vegan and organic. I thought about starting a foundation that goes around showing the movie Cowspiracy with a talk/discussion afterwards. I thought about seeing if I could get some associations around here to show the movie and discuss it.

I wondered if I should stop everything that I do and start telling everybody to stop eating meat and dairy. Would that be effective?

I decided to write this blog, to communicate my thoughts and experiences to you.

Meanwhile in my own consciousness I am going to open up to our society living without the meat and dairy industry, without that grand scale killing that is now an accepted part of daily life for most of us. I am going to continue to talk to people about the choice and the implications of eating meat and cheese or not.

I am going to meditate on all of us here on the earth living in harmony, sustainably.

In the plane the other day, I sat next to a woman who told me that she did not want to work for a big company anymore. She was going to earn her living through her writing. Together we wondered what would happen to our society if everybody did not want to work for a big company anymore?

Sat nam


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