Sat Nam Rasayan Training

Deep meditation for healing others

Sat Nam Rasayan

Reality has no limits, only self made limits that can disappear by practicing Sat Nam Rasayan.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a state of being, a neutral meditative state. Experiencing this state you open up to your inner universe and discover the infinite presence. Resistances that block the life flow are dissolved and obstacles to the full realization of your life are removed.

We approach this state of silence -shuniaa- by feeling ourselves and our body. By giving space and allowing, resistances and blocks give way and dissolve. This free flow results in a revitalized healing.

Learning Sat Nam Rasayan you open yourself to a new dimension of sensitivity, leading you to a deeper and more extended connection with yourself and the world around you. It will also engender your intuition and tolerance.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing art. It gives the client a deep relaxation that dissolves tension, pain and discomfort in body, mind and psyche.

Wherever there is a lack of harmony and balance, that is the place where Sat Nam Rasayan is most needed.

The training

The School of Life Gur Prasaad organises a training Sat Nam Rasayan Level 1. This training is for students who want to practice and study Sat Nam Rasayan to deepen their meditative experience and for those who want to practice this healing art as (part of) their profession. In the training there are 2 levels: Level 1 practitioner and Level 2 Healer.

In the first year there are 6 weekends of intensive classes.

Except for the weekends with the group and the teacher, you need to practice regularly. This includes practice with other Sat Nam Rasayan students and practice with people around you. Besides, each weekend the group will be given one or two meditations to practice at home. This practice will bring you deeper in the experience of the meditative mind and help you resolve patterns that limit you. After attending all 12 days you receive the certificate Sat Nam Rasayan Level 1 Practitioner from the International School of SNR (Euro 50).

Content of the training

In this training you will learn to go in the state of shuniaa, inner silence. You learn to stabilise yourself in this state, to go in relationship with the client and to resolve resistances. Besides, you will learn to complete the relationship so you do not absorb the suffering of your client into yourself. We may also work on other subjects.
In the training you work with a partner, taking turns being the healer and the client. Later on you may work with a guinea pig, a person from outside the group that comes specially for this. We will also do meditations from the tradition of Kundalini yoga.


Location: Gur Prasaad School of Life, Campauriol, 30440 St Martial at 1 h ½ from Nîmes and Montpellier in the southern Cévennes.
Dates 2020: 25-26 April | 13-14 June | August 29-30 | November 7-8
Dates 2021: January 16-17 | March 20-21

“When you become calm and still, the universe starts moving for you.”

Guru Dev Singh

Guru Dev Singh

Guru Dev Singh is a great man of moral stature and compassion. A student of Yogi Bhajan, Guru Dev Singh was born in Puebla, Mexico in 1948.

He learnt Sat Nam Rasayan from Yogi Bhajan the traditional way: in total silence. Guru Dev is the living master of Sat Nam Rasayan. It is highly recommended to go to a class with him.


This training will be taught by Sat Atma Kaur Khalsa. She is in training with Guru Dev since 1990. Learning, walking and teaching the way of Sat Nam Rasayan is for her a never ending adventure that opens the heart and deepens the experience of being present. Sat Atma is also a Kundalini yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Besides Sat Atma there will be one or two guest teachers.

This year that will be Kathrin Ohnsorge (Guru Andesh Kaur) from Verona, Italy.


900 euros when you pay at the time of your registration before the 15th of March. 175 euros for a weekend.

Board and lodging in a dormitory: 50 euros per weekend for 3 meals and one night. Lunch on Saturday is a pot luck meal, everybody brings something to share with the group. Please, bring vegetarian food without eggs or sugar, preferably bio.

As finances should not preclude participation, please contact Sat Atma to find a solution.

Introduction & Contact

There will be several introduction days. You will find information in the agenda or (in French) on Facebook:
Kundalini Club Cévennes

For more information or to register please contact Sat Atma.