Teacher Training Level 1 

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Being a yoga teacher

is more then a profession or an extra activity in your life. It is a path of personal transformation that is also your answer to the call of the world around you. Doing the training is not just about aquiring knowledge, but it is a process in which your experience guides you and gives you insight, consciousness and compassion. Doing yoga regularly is an absolute requirement for this transformation to take place.

Yogi Bhajan often talks about the student/teacher. Every teacher is a student and every student is a teacher. That’s why this training is not only for those who want to teach Kundalini yoga but for everyone that wants to build up a regular practice and deepen their experience.

An important element in the training is your personal process of transformation. In this year you will find tools to connect with your higher self and to take bext step in living your personal destiny. So this training also serves those who want to go deeper into the teachings and their practice for their own development.


Teacher Training Level 1

International Recognition. This Kundalini Yoga teacher training Level 1 is recognized by KRI, the Kundalini Research Institute. All KRI Level 1 teacher trainings are also recognized by the Yoga Alliance as the basic 200 hours teacher training.


Introduction day

On saturday April 13th 2019 10.30 – 18 h there will an introduction at the school of life. On this day you can get to know the lead trainer and the place where the training is taking place. You will have an experience of a day like a day in the TT. Costs are 55 € for the day including a vegetarien lunch.



Personal support

Regularly exchanging experiences with your group and your buddy and during the weeks together with the whole group – your yoga journal – the SKYPE meetings in between the modules with Sat Atma and the whole group.



2.200 € for the teaching
1.990 € if you pay before 15 april 2019
2.300 € if you pay in installments

For food and lodging: 300 € a module in a dormitory or 225 € in your own tent.


Info and registration

For more information, you are welcome to contact Siri Nirankar Kaur at kundaliniyoga81@gmail.com or if you want to register for the training, please ask Siri Nirankar for a registration form. When we receive your registration form we will invite you for an intake talk.


The dates

15-21 june 2019
16-22 August 2019
28 sept.-4 oct. 2019
4-10 april 2020

“A teacher is a self-surrender to his higher self.” 

Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga

Yogi Bhajan (1929-2004), master in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, taught in 1969 in Los Angeles the first kundalini yoga class in the West. Since then he has taught and inspired thousands all over the world. He said: “I have come to train teachers, not to collect students”. Yoga Bhajan has founded 3HO, the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation, and KRI, the Kundalini Research Institute. 3HO is an educational non-profit organisation based on the idea: ‘Happiness is your birth right’. Now there are 3HO Kundalini yoga centers all over the world.

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. Yoga means unity or connection, it means being in contact with and aligning, what is happening in yourself, in the world and in the cosmos. Yoga comes from the word yoke: a yoke has 2 extremities that are connected. A yogi resolves the opposites in her life, just by her awareness and connection. The yogi carries his yoke without experiencing it as a burden.

“The moment you become zero, then all powers will prevail through you.”

Yogi Bhajan