Teacher Training Level 2 

Vitality & Stress  9 – 15 Oct. 2019

A balance between vitality and stress is essential for our experience of well being. Vitality is

  • living life actively and creatively
  • joy and celebration
  • community with other people
  • resilience
  • self-healing
  • inner leadership.

Stress is the biggest factor in creating illness. Stress is also an important reason for many people to start going to yoga class. Helping people to lower their stress level is an essential skill of a yoga teacher.

“In this game mastery is the goal and your main enemy is stress.  When you are under stress you begin to lose your mind slowly, to a very polite degree. …. You begin to live in the past.  You do not act in the present but according to overlays from your past. ….  Do you understand how this stress pattern works to lock you into the mind’s intrigues? It turns the three minds against you.”
Yogi Bhajan

In this Level 2 module you will look at your own balance between Vitality and Stress. Where does stress come from, in body, mind and emotions? What is the difference between stress that exhausts you and stress that gives you energy?

How do you take care of yourself? How do you prevent the build-up of toxic stress and how do you get rid of it, once you have it?

You will look at creating habits that build vitality 

  • in your daily rhythm,
  • in your self image and your image of the world,
  • in your physical activity,
  • in your meditation,
  • in your food.

Self-love is an important element to creating these habits.

We will go into ways to deal with crisis, trauma, addiction, burn-out and pain, as well as succes, love and good fortune. Building an attitude of gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness and transformation. Celebrate the gift of life.

Connecting to the Infinite within and without brings inner peace, trust and a grand projection of living your life according to your destiny and your highest service to the world.

“There should be no conflict. When the spirit is high and bright, the world can be taken care of, but when the spirit is down, the world will fall before it.
There is no place for excuses.” 

Yogi Bhajan

Sat Atma Kaur is the lead trainer in this module. There will be an other expert teacher at her side. Languages are French and English, translated according to the needs of the participants.

Cost is E 550,- for the teachings and E 300,- for board and lodging, 
E 225,- if you bring your own tent or camping car, to be paid before September 20th.

Arrival on Wednesday 9 October between 17.00-18.00. We will have dinner together at 18.00 and the first class starts at 19.00 that evening. The course is finished at 17.00 on Tuesday October 15th. The books and the DVD’s of the course are included in this price. 

All are welcome who have finished KRI Teacher Training Level 1 or have a similar experience. 

As a part of the curriculum you will do a minimum of 90 days of meditation after this module. In this 90 day period you will meet with a part of the group at least 3 times to discuss your experience, watch the DVD’s again and study further the content of this module. In this period you will also do the multiple choice exam of this module. 

“The moment you become zero, then all powers will prevail through you.”

Yogi Bhajan