Visit or Volunteer

The School of Life Gur Prasaad warmly welcomes you to come and visit. Of course you can participate in our training programs but you can also come to have a holiday in a yogic atmosphere, to share life here as a volunteer or to take some time out of your busy life for a personal retreat.

Whenever you come, count on doing yoga together in the early morning hours.

Doing karma yoga, selfless service, also called seva is a part of spiritual traditions the world over. Acting without attachment and in service to a greater good, changes your inner attitude.

The length of stay is random. We try to bring volunteers together so they can work together.

You have the option of participating as a full-time or part-time volunteer, depending on your desires and energies. If you choose part-time, a financial contribution to meals/accommodation will be requested.


As a volunteer you will stay in a comfortable dormitory of 3-5 beds. Each dormitory has it’s own shower. You will share in the early morning practice of yoga and meditation and in 3 meals a day. Working is around 5-6 hours a day in the garden, around the house, in renovating or building activities or using your special talents in service to the School of Life Gur Prasaad.

Coming to the School of Life Gur Prasaad as a sevadar (volunteer), is opening to a process of integrating new habits and bringing healing to yourself and the planet. It is also a lot of fun and a chance to enjoy the beauty and silence of the nature here.

You can work part-time and give a financial contribution of 25 euros/day.


As a visitor you are welcome to stay in the dormitory too. It depends on what else is happening in the centre at that time if we can provide you with food or not. One dormitory has an option of limited self catering.

One visitor for 1 night in dormitory:  55 €

One visitor for 1 night in Camping : 40 €


Contact me at indicating your name and nationality as well as your motivation and the dates you want.

Sat Nam and see you soon!

Personal retreat

For a personal retreat, you can stay in a private room and we will create a program tailored to your needs. This can be in case of burn out, rehabilitation and healing or just a longing to connect to your self and your environment in a different way.