Sat Nam Rasayan Training Level 2 

Deep meditation for healing others

Sat Nam Rasayan

Level 2, Healer

This 2nd part of the Sat Nam Rasayan training trains you to be a professional healer. It takes -at least- 2 years.

In these 2 years you will learn different approaches in Sat Nam Rasayan and you will go deeper in your personal development as a healer and a human being. Daily practice of meditation and regular healing practice are an important part of the training.

In these 2 years of the Sat Nam Rasayan training Level 2 there are 5 weekends at the School of Life Gur Prasaad each year. Apart from that you need to experience each year 4 days of classes with Guru Dev Singh, master of Sat Nam Rasayan at this time. For his updated schedule please look at

In the last half year of the Level 2 training you will follow and heal a patient for at least 3 months and write a report about it. At the end of Level 2 when you have participated in all the teaching days and have completed your report, there is an exam.


In this part of the training the student healer deepens his/her experience of the meditative projective mind. The development of this relationship is the most important part of the learning proces: to be present in your meditative projective mind, stably and with the intensity required, is what brings healing.

In Level 2 you will learn 5 different approaches in Sat Nam Rasayan: Elements, Forms, Impact, Dream State and Art of Knowing.

These approaches allow you to work faster and more efficiently. You will also learn why and in which situation you chose for a certain approach.  In the classes with Guru Dev other subjects will be included. During the training we will somewhat go into different supporting disciplines, such as yoga, meditation, knowledge of food as medicine and humanology. Stories from different spiritual traditions and the science of consciousness, on a universal and on a personal level, are part of the training.

The human being and the whole world consist of 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. You learn to feel this in your direct perception. By a movement in the consciousness you can strengthen an element, weaken it or bring it in balance and harmony.

Forms and symbols have their own electro-magnetic field and carry a certain set of characteristics. With the meditative projective mind we use them for healing. We work with known symbols such as numbers, geometrical forms, planets, the Tarot etc, and also with forms that only have meaning for the healer himself.

In resonance or impact you learn to be aware of all that is happening in and around your patient during a healing. Each healing impacts the whole system of the patient. You also learn to treat a problem somewhere in the system through another place, organ or chakra in the patient.

The dream state is a trance like state in which you become conscious of the continuous flow of images that is happening in the subconsciousness and use it for healing. The dream state is a great way to work with deeper, emotional and complicated problems.

Art of Knowing
The art of knowing gives us access to all the knowledge in the universe. By giving up our present knowledge and by allowing non-attachment, we arrive to a state where the needed knowledge is right here.

The Exam
Level 2 of the Sat Nam Rasayan training is concluded by an exam. You are eligible for the exam if you:

  • have the diploma Sat Nam Rasayan level I.
  • have attended all training days in the 2 years including those with Guru Dev.
  • have made the report in which you describe the process of treating a patient during 3 months.

The exam costs E 108,-. You will receive the diploma from the School of Sat Nam Rasayan in Rome. We will invite Sadhu Singh from Vienna/Mexico to come and preside over the exam.


The training takes place in the School of Life Gur Prasaad. It is situated in the beautiful and wild mountain range Les Cévennes in the south of France, an hour and a half from Montpellier and Nîmes.



Dates 2023 – 2024: 18-19 february   |  15-16  April  |   1-2 July  |  16-17 September |  18-19 november   |   3-4 february 2024 For more information, please contact us.

There is a minimum number of participants for this training.


The price is € 900, for 6 weekends or  €175,- for one weekend. Accommodation and food costs € 75,- when you arrive on Friday evening (light meal included) and € 50,- when you arrive on Saturday morning. Lunch on Saturday is a shared meal.

“The healer works in a state of absolute compassion.
Compassion is there the moment you do not react.”

Guru Dev Singh

Guru Dev Singh

Guru Dev Singh is a great man of moral stature and compassion. A student of Yogi Bhajan, Guru Dev Singh was born in Puebla, Mexico in 1948.

He learnt Sat Nam Rasayan from Yogi Bhajan the traditional way: in total silence. Guru Dev is the living master of Sat Nam Rasayan. It is highly recommended to go to a class with him.


This training will be taught by Sat Atma Kaur Khalsa.

I, Sat Atma, am an international Sat Nam Rasayan teacher and healer and also a Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer. I am studying with Guru Dev since 1990. This learning process and the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan has given me a deep experience of reality wthin and without. For me it is a personal path of learning, healing and service, connection with the sangat and a lot of fun. 

Each year there will be one weekend with a guest teacher.

The Investment

The investment in this training is  750 euros per year for the 5 weekends if paid before April 1st 2020. The price for participating in one weekend is 175 euros.

To stay at the School of Life Gur Prasaad the costs are 50 euros if you arrive on saturday morning and 70 euros if you arrive on friday night. On saturday at lunch time we will have a pot luck meal for which everybody brings something to eat, vegan and preferably organic. On friday night there is a light meal. Further on the 2 breakfasts, dinner on saturday and lunch on sunday. Bedding and towels are included.

Not included are the classes with Guru Dev and the costs for the exam. Besides the first weekend you are required to become a member of the Association Gur Prasaad for 11 euros the first year and free price in the next years. You can pay by sending a check or by sending your payment directly to the Association Gur Prasaad on the account FR76 4255 9100 0008 0235 2040 501 in St. Martial 30440 France. 


For more information or to register please contact Karan Shiva Kaur :